A single floral note or a floral bouquet with prevailing themes of jasmine, rose, lily of the valley, violet, tuberose, narcissus, etc.

Lilibet is a tribute to Queen Elizabeth II. A spring arrangement that evokes the colors and scents of British gardens. Unveiled by fresh and sweet notes, it rewrites the English tradition, through light floral harmonies.
Dominant notes: Lily of the Valley and Rose
Olfactory family: Florale-Fleuri

After a breathtaking run, we finally arrive between the leaves and the fruits of a big fig tree: alone and without sins.
Dominant notes: Ficus and Lemon leaves
Olfactory family: Florale-Fruité

The woman who will have the courage to wear this mantle will proceed solemnly and will leave behind her an intense trail of jasmine and tuberose.
Dominant notes: Jasmine and mandarin
Olfactory family: Florale-Hespéridé

Acqua Barocca
Beautiful, eccentric and imaginative, fountains express the art of the great sculptors and architects of Rome in its Baroque period. A clever and exciting game.
Dominant notes: Narcissus and Lily of the Valley

He is the protagonist of Moby Dick, Herman Melville's masterpiece. He is the captain of the whaling ship Pequod and daily smells the wild and adventurous Sea, where he is searching the whale and his destiny.
Dominant notes: Iodized marine note

La Regina di Taif
meters above sea level, is guarded so she can remain sacred and rare. It's an inesaudibile desire to steal her scent, which holds the royal seal.
Dominant notes: Rose

Il Cortile delle Zagare
There is a small courtyard, in Rome, from where you can admire one of the most important works of Roman Baroque architecture: Francesco Borromini's Perspective Gallery, inside Palazzo Spada. A magical illusion that was born in 1652, with the intense scent of Zagare.
Dominant notes: Sweer orange blossom

Every woman can be, at least once in her life, the fatal Catarì with her core 'ngrato (heart of stone), who manages to leave everything behindand go. "I am heartbroken because of her..." sings the Neapolitan aria , "Son, Let her go! Let her go!" But how to forget the voluptuous Egyptian Tuberose, that still lingers from the warm Ambra, defiant of Orange blossom and Mandarin.
Dominant notes: Tuberose and Orange Blossoms

The Roses of Venus
The soft petals of roses for a contemporary, beautiful and tempting Muse.
Dominant notes: Rose and iodized note

Roman goddess of the intense and delicate flowering of plants, representing the vital joy of nature.
Top notes: camelia e gardenia
Olfactory family: Florale-Fleuri

To dive into the deepest and ancestral sea.
Top notes: sea
Olfactory family: florale-marin

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