This fancy name, that has nothing to do with the smell of fern (fougère in French), finds an agreement generally obtained with notes of lavender, wood, oak musk, of coumarin, bergamot, geranium etc.

This is the wealth of the Court of the Sforza, the taste for refinement that made Leonardo da Vinci a magister elegantiarum. The clear purity of Lavender here heated by the sumpuous Amber.
Dominant notes: Amber and Lavender
Olfactory family: Fougère-Ambrée

It's a recipe hidden between the lines of the Atlantic Codex, the scent of roses and lavender, melt together in a single gesture, the olfactory exploration of a wise hand. (“A ffare odore: tò buona acqua rosa e mòllatene le mani, di poi togli del fior di spigo e fregatelo fra l’una mano e l’altra, ed è buono”. Codice Atlantico, foglio 807r, vol.III)
Dominant notes: Lavender and Rose
Olfactory family: Fougère-Fleuri

This is Leonardo's hand, passing through wheat fields, during his childhood in Vinci. A clear and wild aroma that evokes the breeze and the skies of the '400. This aroma is intact and full of history.
Dominant notes: Lavander
Olfactory family: fougère-Soliflore

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