It's characterized by subtle and opulent aromas, such as sandalwood and patchouli and sometimes dry notes, such as cedar and vetiver. The departure is made up of lavender and citrus notes.

This is the research for harmony and affinity between irresistible beauty and impeccable style. A contemporary tagelmust colored with a noble Sandalwood and a virtuous Bergamot.
Dominant notes: Sandalwood and Bergamot
Olfactory family: Boisée-Hespéridé

Intense and contemplative, this precious Vetiver seduces for its fresh intensity: a certainty to put on veryday.
Dominant notes:Vetiver and Bergamot
Olfactory family: Boisée-Hespéridé 

Of the boisée family
A handful of stars fell from the sky to seal the deep bond between Laura Bosetti Tonatto and the art of Saudi perfumery. A collection based on Oud to feel intensely the scent of Arabia.
This is the brightest and intense star, the dark, deep, precious and rare oud.
Nota dominate: Intense Oud
Olfactory family: Boisée-Ambré

It shines intensely and relentlessly attracts you with sweet and gentle vanilla.
Dominant notes: Oud and Vanilla
Olfactory family: Boisée-Ambré

Strong and contemplative, intoxicating and mysterious is the sandal found on the tail of this ancient star.
Dominant notes: Oud and Sandalwood
Olfactory family: Boisée-Cuir

All the fresh jasmines, picked in Jazan are in this multiple surprising, magical and legendary star.
Dominant notes: Oud and Jasmine
Olfactory family: Boisée-Fleuri

Not everyone can see it and a few are allowed to know the nobility and uniqueness of the rose of Taif, the queen of all roses.
Dominant notes: Oud e Rose
Olfactory family: Boisée-Fleuri

To be admired for its duality, this star is elegant and sublime, gentle and beautiful.
Nota dominate: Musky Oud
Olfactory family: Boisée-Musqué

A walk along ancient, majestic and hushed trees.
Top notes: cedar and oak
Olfactory family: Boisée-fumée

The young, colourful, rhythmical and astonishing charm of pepper. Dedicated to Pedro and his beautiful voice.
Top notes: pepper and orange
Olfactory family: boisée-épicé

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