It's a formulation all to itself. A rather different idea of perfumery with dry notes, sometimes very dry, with the aim of recreating the distinctive smell of leather (smoked, burned wood, birch, tobacco ...) and with floral accents on top notes.

Luxury captured in a bottle. The art of high perfumery expressed in one of the notes more difficult to create.
Dominant notes:Leather and Amber
Olfactory family: Cuir-Tabac

It's always so recognizable, however you find it, in any season you put it on.
Dominant notes: Tobacco leaves and Verbena
Olfactory family: Cuir-Tabac

Who knows how it would end Sherlock Holmes investigations, without his inseparable pipe Calabash? A fragrance to wear in tranquility to highlight the subtle details of the great insights. The slightly smoky tobacco of this blend is perfect for those who love to dwell on details. “Elementary, my dear Watson!”
Dominant notes: Blond Tobacco and Orange Leaves
Olfactory family: Cuir-Tabac

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