IL NERO - 100% vegetable soap for gommage 100 gr

With olive oil and essential oil of orange blossom

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Il Nero is a 100% vegetable soap that stems from a time-honoured saponification tradition that began during the 5th century. This soap is used for the “Gommage” treatment during hammams or baths and helps remove dead cells without damaging the structure of the skin. Il Nero is suitable for all skin types and, thanks to its exfoliating and moisturising properties, it softens and deeply nourishes the skin with a unique antioxidant effect that promotes a natural glow.

How to use: after 10 minutes of hammam or a hot bath, gently massage the product onto the body. Wait 5 minutes, rinse under the shower and repeat with another 10 minutes of hammam or a hot bath and gently massage again. Wait 5 minutes, rinse and proceed with gommage on wet skin, using the specific glove. Massage with Omnia Oil or Omnia Milk Body Lotion from the “Essenzialmente Laura” collection. Do not use on face.