Fragranza incenso delle chiese di roma the scents of the bible - Essenzialmente Laura Made in Italy Perfumes by Laura Bosetti Tonatto

Fragranza Incenso delle Chiese di Roma

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We read in the Holy Bible:

"The smoke of the perfumes ascended to the prayers, whose good smell comes up the nostrils of

God "(Genesis 8, 21).

"Like incense rise to thee my prayers, my hands up as the sacrifice of the Earth" (Psalm David 140.2)

Incense is a universal instrument of liturgy, purification, meditation, and healing, which dates back to the dawn of time. As Egypt's neighbours,

Canaan, Mesopotamia, and Israel has used incense in worship of his God since 1200 BC, at the time of Ramses II and exodus. The aroma of incense cloud manifests the presence and the glory of the Lord, is the first sign that we perceive his presence when we enter a church.

Characteristics: resinous, Woody, balsamic, warm Timbre, amber and slightly acrid.

An efficiently and safely to reproduce, even in the home environment, the mystical charm of the Holy City of Christianity.

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The Scents of the Bible