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Fragranza Rosa Mistica

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"I am the rose of Sharon, the lily of the valleys" (song of Solomon 1:2)

In the Bible the rose is quoted in Sirach, as an attribute of wisdom that grows: not QUIQUE DATUM EST HABERE NASUM "as palm trees in Engedi, like the rose bushes in Jericho" (Sirach -4 24.1).

In another passage of the same Sirach urging to praise God we find: "listen to me children Saints, and grow like a plant of roses on a torrent ..." (Sir. 39.25).

In Christian iconography, this flower, for its beauty and fragrance, is often evoked to indicate heaven. Cultivated in Palestine since ancient times, the rose is the flower that more than anything else lends itself to metaphorically represent the events of the Christian religion: passion and suffering through
which you reach eternal life. The Church itself is sometimes referred to in the Bible as Rose of Sharon: its thorns are the sins of which it is stained forever and, more generally, those of all believers. The thornless rose or Rosa Mistica is another appellation which relied on the
Virgin Mary, just to bring out the conception without original sin (hence "spineless"). The rose is the flower Mariano par excellence, but also to many saints like Francis: the Church of Assisi is cultivated rose without thorns.

Features: a symbol of beauty, elegance and purity. Queen of the flower gardens, its sweet aroma is widely known and is one of the main ingredients and the oldest on the art of perfumery.

An efficiently and safely to reproduce, even in the home environment, the

mystical influences of the Holy City of Christianity.

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The Scents of the Bible