Since 1986 Laura Bosetti Tonatto, a professional "nose" known all over the world, creates perfumes for major cosmetic companies and customized mélanges. Since October 2006 she has joined the staff of the University of Ferrara, Faculty of Pharmacy, as Professor Adjunct in the Master's Degree in Cosmetic Science and Technology for the course: "Perfumes: Art and Production" and "Aromacology"…


The other 70 fragrances of the “ESSENZIALMENTE LAURA” collection are divided into olfactory families, defined by the Classification officielle des parfums de l’Osmothèque de Versailles. As a result, people who appreciate the unique style of perfumes created by Laura Bosetti Tonatto will know which raw materials are used, recognising the most popular and discovering them in mélanges.


The MVSEI VATICANI Essential perfume collection was created by selecting, through a philological study, a few areas of the Vatican Museums that offer the most surprising olfactory inspiration: the Gallery of Maps; the Vatican Gardens and the Ethnological Museum.


“Sotto lo stesso cielo” (Under the Same Sky) IT’S AN home fragrances’ COLLECTION created by Laura Bosetti Tonatto, of which all the proceeds goes to support OAF-I - Organizzazione di Aiuto Fraterno, an Italian non-profit organisation that since 2000 has been providing concrete help to old and new friends in Brazil, Mozambique, Italy and other parts of the world who dedicate their lives to children of all ages so that they can regain hope, dignity and self-confidence.


In October 2006 Laura Bosetti Tonatto has joined the staff of the University of Ferrara's Faculty of Pharmacy as an adjunct lecturer for 1st and 2nd level Masters degrees in Cosmetic Science and Technology, teaching the courses "Perfumes: Art and Production" and "Aromacology".


Since 2003, Laura Bosetti Tonatto - in collaboration with La Bottega S.p.a. - has been creating tailor-made collections for some of the world's most prestigious hotels. According to Wallpaper, the fragrance created by Laura Bosetti Tonatto for the Park Hyatt in Milan is the best ever made for a hotel.


Laura Bosetti Tonatto was the first perfume-maker in Italy to create custom-made fragrances. The turinese "NOSE" has put herself at the service of history by making characters, paintings and works relive through the sense of smell Her perfumes are thus olfactory portraits, veritable creations expressing what Laura sees and feels in the people, the places and the artworks that she analyses with consistent discernment. Her perfumes are OLFACTORY PORTRAITS, creations that express what Laura sees and feels in people, places and works that she analyzes, always by philological approach.