Since 1986 Laura Bosetti Tonatto, a professional "nose" known all over the world, creates perfumes for major cosmetic companies and customized mélanges. Since October 2006 she has joined the staff of the University of Ferrara, Faculty of Pharmacy, as Professor Adjunct in the Master's Degree in Cosmetic Science and Technology for the course: "Perfumes: Art and Production" and "Aromacology ". She is the creator of a cultural workshop "Naso e Parnaso", for the study of the use of essences and aromas from ancient times to the present day.

Laura has curated several exhibitions including: "Caravaggio a painting, a perfume" for the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg. For the National Museum of Oriental Art in Rome she was responsible for the olfactory area "Aromatic: essences, perfumes and spices of East and West", creating, among other things, the Syrian Water (I century BC) and the Water Admirabilis (1609) by Giovanni Maria Farina, which later became the famous Eau de Cologne. She is the only expert in the field that has been able to express the relationship between art, science and culture in general. Important works of art have inspired the birth of some of her perfumes. Through a long process of analysis and study of the artworks, Laura Bosetti Tonatto has been able to turn these artistic suggestions in fragrances, which became masterpieces to be perceived through the most unusual of the senses: the sense of smell

She has recreated a series of fragrances that are mentioned in the Bible. Laura Bosetti Tonatto has created a bespoke collection for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, The Royal Family of Saudi Arabia commissioned Laura Bosetti Tonatto to select the ingredients for the creation of the first perfume produced by the Philanthropic Association Al-Nahda In collaboration with La Bottega Spa Laura creates collections for the most prestigious hotels and spas in the world. In 2018 Essenzialmente Laura is the best artisan shop in Rome for the National Geographic Traveler and for the WALLPAPER Rome! In 2012, on November 26th, with the decree of the President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, she was awarded with the honor of Knight of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic. On September 2013 the Who is Who of Journalism and Fashion awards 2013: God save the Queen and fashion was delivered to her in Milan, at Palazzo Marino "For her olfactory emotions and for having been able to transform art and culture into fragrances"

FLORENCE, September 2015
She presented LA LAVANDA DI LEONARDO at Pitti Fragranze, a recipe hidden between the lines of the Atlantic Code, a natural scent of rose and lavender, dissolved together in a single gesture, the olfactory exploration of a skilled hand. "To smell: some good Rose water and take your hands together, then remove the flower of wheat and rub it between one hand and the other, and it's good". Atlantic Codex, sheet 807r, vol.III

ROME June 16th, 2016
The prestigious French cultural institution, the French Academy at Villa Medici in Rome, dedicates a day to Laura Bosetti Tonatto in recognition of her art and creativity.

TURIN, December 2016
With a lectio magistralis about the scents of the soul , Laura Bosetti Tonatto inaugurates the third edition of the review of the Essential , organized by the circle of Readers. "Nature has united in an essence what man is destroying in the name of religions": from this thought, and starting from reading the Bible, the international nose has created a whole collection of mystical fragrances. Incense is in fact universal liturgy, associated in all cultures with prayer and contemplation.

CANNES, December 2016
At the ILTM luxury hotel exhibition, Laura Bosetti Tonatto presents the Mytha scent Anthology collection for Dogus Group: 7 fragrances created to represent places and atmospheres of the most beautiful locations on earth. “The olfactory memory is the strongest we have and if we remember through the perfume, it will be forever”

Washington DC - Embassy of Italy 1st JUNE 2017
In the program shared with the European Community: "Protecting our Heritage", which focuses on the preservation of both tangible and intangible artistic heritage, Laura Bosetti Tonatto represents the Italian creativity with a conference entitled "Perfumes: an intangible artistic heritage of Italian creativity"..

May 28th, 2015 she has opened in Rome, in via dei Coronari 57, the single-brand boutique "Essentially Laura". A real olfactory journey with 55 fragrances that collect the best raw materials that Laura has selected all over the world in her thirty years of career. Over 800 body and home products tell a true Italian story in one of the most beautiful streets of the eternal city.

Laura Bosetti Tonatto was invited as a guest of honor to the "Colloque Patrimoine Culturel Immatériel de l'Humanité", the city of perfumes.

Laura holded a conference on the theme, "Sens et Essences en Pays de Grasse, la Méditerranée en Invitée d’honneur".

The capital of perfumes, France, intangible heritage of humanity - UNESCO, thus offers an important recognition to Italy and to one of the most famous Italian noses in the world for her activity as A creator of essences and thirty years of research in relationships between art, culture and perfumes.
It is the second time, after the evening of honor dedicated to her by the French Academy of Villa Medici in Rome, that France pays homage to Laura Bosetti Tonatto, a much more significant appreciation since she comes from a country in which they were born the greatest perfumers in the world.
The invitation is also a tribute to Italy and its ability to create high quality products linked to the country's creative tradition and culture, two assets to be safeguarded and made known to the world.

FLORENCE, 24th JUNE 2020
To celebrate the organoleptic characteristics of the extraordinary 2019 harvest, Marchesi Frescobaldi asked the internationally renowned nose Laura Bosetti Tonatto to analyze the olfactory notes of Laudemio Frescobaldi, with the technique used for the creation of perfumes, to create the Home Fragrance Laudemio Frescobaldi.

On behalf of the Vatican Museums Laura Bosetti Tonatto creates a collection dedicated to some masterpieces present in the museum complex of the Vatican City. It is the first time in the history of the museums, founded by Pope Julius II in the 16th century, that a perfumer is commissioned to create the perfumes deciphered by the exhibited works.

ROME, MAY 2021
The ESSENTIAL MEMORIES perfume collection, requested by the LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton group to Laura Bosetti Tonatto, represents, through perfumes, the authenticity and uniqueness of some of the most fascinating places in the world.These fragrances have been created by selecting, through a philological approach, the most surprising olfactive elements present in the Belmond hotels situated in Italy: CARUSO, SPLENDIDO, SPLENDIDO MARE, SAN MICHELE, CASTELLO DI CASOLE, VILLA SANT'ANDREA, GRAND HOTEL TIMEO, CIPRIANI.

Each place has been portrayed by “nose” Laura Bosetti Tonatto with a perfume that holds its elements and allows us to deeply live one of the most fascinating experiences you can have: remembering through the olfactory memory.

For over 30 years, Laura has followed students throughout training and their degrees. Many of them developed University theses with Laura and some of them developed successful projects and products.


“Essenzialmente Laura”, personifies the most intense and conceptual essence of Laura Bosetti Tonatto, the Italian nose most renown around the world. The collection “Essenzialmente Laura” is realized by hand in Italy with prime materials of high quality from the most renown laboratories of the world and selected personally by Laura Bosetti Tonatto who guarantees the quality and originality putting on each flacon her name.


The so-called “nose” is almost un unknown profession. The “nose” is someone with a highly developed sense of smell that can combine different scents to create essences and perfumes. This is not a scientific kind of job. The “nose” is at the same time an artist and a technician, the only tools available the ARE raw materials and a precise balance. Thanks to his or her talent, imagination, fantasy and ingeniousness, he or she can “transform emotions into scents”.


The greatest painters of art history - Caravaggio, Titian, Guido Reni, El Greek, Artemisia Gentileschi, Perugino- have portrayed Mary Magdalene in their masterpieces. The saint has perfumed the body of Jesus Christ and is venerated as protectress of perfumers. The ointment of Mary Magdalene contains the Nardo oil, a precious oil extracted from the rhizome of Nardostachys Grandiflora.


Red is the color. The first to be recognized by infants, the first to get a name from all civilizations and it is the color of passion, love, suffering and power.



In Essenzialmente Laura flagship stores, you can join a free training course that will allow perfume lovers and newcomers to deeply discover all phases of creating perfumes, the history of perfumery and the perfumes inspired by literature, cinema, paintings, music and important historical figures.



The packaging represents, through shapes and colors, Laura Bosetti Tonatto and her journey: simple styled, almost pharmaceutical, labels describe products and allow the public to appreciate their characteristics. The new packaging does not include elements such as gold, crystals, diamonds: the real richness are the raw materials, the formulas, the stories and the inspirations.


The entire collection is produced and packaged by hand in Italy using artisanal methods, combining the secrets of French and Oriental perfumery, and refined by Laura in the most prestigious schools and most exclusive laboratories. The creation of fragrances, the quality control protocol, infusions and the packaging process are personally supervised by Laura Bosetti Tonatto with constant and thorough care.

All the raw materials used in the “Essenzialmente Laura” collection comply with the IFRA (International Fragrance Association) guidelines, the main and most rigorous self-regulating system of the fragrance industry worldwide, to ensure the quality and safety of raw materials and to safeguard human health and the environment. No dyes or mineral oils are used in the formulations. Products are not tested on animals and do not contain any substances of animal origin.