Meraviglia Flacon 7ml

It is the collection of the fragrances you most desire, a tailor-made selection to represent your style, your tastes, yourcharacter. A collection of 8 7ml Eau de parfum MERAVIGLIA format that you can compose yourself by choosing from the 55 fragrances from the "ESSENZIALMENTE LAURA" collection which are dividedinto 7 olfactory families defined by the Classificationofficielle des parfums de l’Osmothèque de Versailles. In thisway you will be able to appreciate the unmistakable style of Laura Bosetti Tonatto's perfumes, learn about the rawmaterials used, recognize the most loved ones and find themin the mélanges. To order your selection you simply have to write the names of the fragrances you prefer in the notes of your order and in a few days you will discover how muchwonder Laura's perfumes can arouse. . COMPOSE YOUR BOX NOW