I Segreti di Taif

The Secrets of Taif collection is an all-round, efficient and instant facial treatment for glowing, fresh, hydrated and healthy skin. The simple secret to the formulations is the combination of the essential oil of the rose of Taif with the most concentrated, noble and non-greasy parts of olive, sesame and sweet almond oils.
Extracted using the most advanced technologies, the rare raw materials maintain their soothing, nourishing and physiological properties, tone the epidermis, stimulate cell renewal and meet the needs of all skin types.
The masterly blend of ingredients creates five facial treatments: day cream, night cream, scrub, cleansing milk and rose water.
The rose of Taif is the most precious rose with variegated notes of wind, honey and citrus. Its blossoming on the high plateau of Saudi Arabia is preserved in order to remain sacred and rare. A precious secret with the royal seal used by Laura Bosetti Tonatto in her secrets of Taif.