The 62 fragrances of the "ESSENZIALMENTE LAURA" collection are divided into the seven olfactory families defined by the Classification officielle des parfums de l 'Osmothèque de Versailles. That's how you can appreciate the unique style of the perfumes created by Laura Bosetti Tonatto and know which raw materials are used, recognize the most popular ones and find them in mélanges.

The creation of fragrances, the protocol of quality control, infusions, the packaging method, are personally monitored by Laura Bosetti Tonatto, with constant and rigorous care. All fragrances of the "ESSENZIALMENTE LAURA" collection comply with IFRA guidelines (International Fragrance Association), the reference point for the regulation of perfume's industry world and the most rigorous method to ensure the quality and safety of raw materials for the protection of human's health and the environment's health.

No colorants or mineral oils are used. The products are not tested on animals and do not contain substances of animal origin.


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